Couples Therapy

I am not here to take sides. The goals of couples therapy are your own, no matter what stage in your relationship development. I am here to help you navigate and mediate what your goals are together. 

Should your goals be to stay together, I will work with you individually and together to: deepen friendship; create intimacy; productively manage conflicts; develop methods and tools to manage resolvable problems; and explore ongoing issues. We will work together to appreciate the relationship’s strengths and to gently navigate through vulnerabilities.

Couples counseling may involve working on conflict of differences in cultures/values, trust, self-worth, confidence, past trauma, adjustment during significant life events/transitions, miscarriage, infidelity, grief/loss, neglect/abuse as a child, difficulty communicating, blaming/criticizing, loss of attraction/sexual desire, and issues with parents or family members influencing your current relationship.